Mark Sutch’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth was a spectacle to behold.  Having read and seen the Scottish play many times, Sutch’s interpretation breathed new life into it for me.  I was unsure where the production was going when it opened with the death of Macbeth’s son, an element that is not in Shakespeare’s original rendition, but as the play progressed this piece fell into place beautifully.  Sutch’s depiction of the witches surprised me in the best way possible. Instead of simply being old, mysterious hags, the witches were resurrected dead who moved among the land of the living at will. The dead donned clear masks as an existing witch initiated them into the coven.  They influenced the events of the story, taking different roles and disappearing. The masks classified them as other and distorted their facial features. Even the actors’ body language completely changed when they became witches. They viewed the world from a lens outside of the comprehension of the human characters.