I noticed that most of our conversations can be traced back to the ideas of perspective and perception, throughout my first semester in the Humanities program. It seemed to me that everything simply went back to how people perceive the world. It was not until my second semester in Humes that I discovered that this line of thought fits within the quest for Truth. We are taught in our childhood that history is concrete, fixed. Our textbooks certainly spoke of it that way. But more and more I find myself questioning this assertion. History is not concrete Truth but instead the story that historians choose to tell. It is augmented by opinions and often the “history” that is presented to us is a mere convoluted fraction. History is a story that was picked from an ocean of stories and crafted into a myth. But Truth is a living, breathing entity that cannot be trapped within a stagnant history. Most of our questions are left unanswered. The entries within this portfolio question Truth. They make claims but never find definite answers because Truth is elusive and comprehending the whole of human experience is unfortunately very impossible.┬áRead and view at your leisure and keep in mind that nothing is merely decorative. Every page has a distinct purpose.